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1. 滋养身体是蓝月光石主要的功效之一,蓝月光石这类天然宝石都含有大量矿物质和微量元素,平时将蓝月光石戴在身上时,这些矿物质和微量元素可以逐渐被人体吸收。


2. 月光石还有舒缓心情的功效,蓝月光石可以呈现出非常迷人、柔美的色泽,将蓝月光石戴在身上时,从视觉上可以让佩戴者的情绪得到放松、舒缓。


3. 蓝月光石有助于脑部的思考,通灵性,有助于清晰的思维。


Blue Moonstone is highly valued in the crystal healing world for its many spiritual, emotional, physical and metaphysical properties and benefits. This is a gentle, soothing stone that you’ll want to add to your daily healing regimen.


Blue Moonstone is a special stone that is full of yin energy. This gentle, calming stone is known to be beneficial to both women and men.


This stone may have soothing vibrations, but it has the ability to bring out the fire and passion that is sometimes lacking in a relationship. The meaning and healing properties of this stone can help you heal the internal pain and insecurities that may be holding you back from the heartfelt and loving relationship that you may be looking for.

Blue Moonstone is also often used by crystal healers with the goal of assisting with issues such as jet lag and travel fatigue, insomnia, depression, anxiety and a multitude of sleep disorders.

高品质蓝月光 10.5MM

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