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本是树的脂肪 经过地球运动形成的花珀

当树脂是从一个阴涼的部位产生的時候,最后所形成的琥珀会成为透明琥珀,因为这种情況下树脂挥发的非常缓慢,不会产生大量小气泡而使琥珀变浑浊,从而保持了透明的状态。如树脂是连续不断流出並互相叠合在一起,则会在琥珀中形成许多叶状结构 --- 琥珀中常见的包裹体。


1. 滋养身体是花珀主要的功效之一,花珀这类天然有机宝石都含有大量矿物质和微量元素,平时将花珀戴在身上时,花珀含有的矿物质和微量元素可以逐渐被人体吸收。

2. 物理按摩此外佩戴花珀还有物理按摩的功效,将花珀戴在身上时,花珀可以不断和皮肤产生摩擦,摩擦的同时也是在对局部皮肤进行物理按摩,皮肤下的肌肉在一定程度上也能得到放松。

3. 花珀有较好的装饰作用,花珀是非常珍贵的琥珀品种,它的外观非常亮丽、迷人,女性朋友将花珀戴在身上时,可以给自身增添亮丽、迷人的气质。


Amber is fossilized tree resin that formed 40-60 million years ago. It has been used for jewelry throughout human history–amber beads have been found that date back to 2000 B.C. In the Middle Ages, amber was used to make rosary beads. Specimens range from transparent to opaque and often have bits of fossilized plant or insect matter trapped inside them. The Baltic Sea region is known for its high-quality amber.


Amber supports physical wellbeing and is recommended if you are in recovery from illness or injury. It strengthens your inner reserves and will to persevere towards health. It also helps purify negative energy and transmute it into lighter, healthier energies. As a stone of Light, it can help lift spirits, especially if you suffer from the winter blues (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or wish you lived in a warmer climate.


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