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1. 草莓晶被认为是具有強烈能量的治疗之石,对于身心灵都能有所助益,除了能提升专注力、决策力以外,也能锻炼心境、沈澱心灵。

2. 草莓晶能夠增進个人魅力,进而提升恋爱运势,或邂逅美好姻缘。

3. 草莓晶也被称欢乐之石,能夠增加正面、乐观思维,对于处在人生低潮,或是常陷入负面情绪的人來说,草莓晶能夠转换这些负面情绪,让它們成为生活中的助力。


Strawberry Quartz is an amazing stone that has the ability to bring energies of universal love into your life so that you can be amazed by how much the universe adores you.

This feeling of love will create in you a sense of personal importance that will enable you to withstand any obstacles being thrown at you in your everyday life.

When you start believing in yourself, that is when everyone else will start believing in you and your abilities as well.

Strawberry Quartz will ensure that your talents don’t go unnoticed and that people start recognizing you for all of your hidden talents that were previously going undetected.

Moreover, Strawberry Quartz will finally show you the path that you were always meant to take but didn’t know how to until now.

If you’re someone who draws a blank whenever they think about what they want to do in life then Strawberry Quartz will bring all the answers for you.

This stone will allow you to understand the very meaning behind your existence and what it is that you have to do and achieve in life that will allow your name to be etched in history.

Once you’re sure of the path that you want to take you to need to work day and night into making your dreams a reality because the divine realm would’ve given you the green signal to do so.

With the help of this stone, nothing will be able to block your way to glory and all you have to do to get there is be open to the spiritual enlightenment being brought in by the stone.

水体草莓晶 10MM

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