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1. 绿幽灵是有名的招财之石,能为佩戴者招来财富,绿幽灵主正财运,也就是说招来的都是通过个人努力而获得的正当财富,绿幽灵的绿光与美元的颜色相近,被视为财富的象征,城佩戴绿幽灵能稳定和增强个人磁场,为佩戴者招来财运。


2. 绿幽灵有助于事业发展,绿幽灵能通过佩戴者散发出一种特殊的磁场,能吸引来对事业有帮助的贵人,并且佩戴绿幽灵能增强个人的魅力与自信,让其在工作上能表现的更好,促进事业的发展。



3. 绿幽灵的绿色光是一种很健康的颜色,充满了青春活力,她对身心健康都很有帮助,能强化心肺功能,对心脏病、淋巴腺、高血压等症状有很好的辅助治疗作用;并且她还能稳定内心,消除紧张、愤怒等情绪,能使人恢复活力,保持身心愉悦。 


4. 绿幽灵具有很强大的能量,可以趋吉避凶,能为人带来好运,她会为佩戴者抵御掉四周不好的负面能量与磁场,用作护身符佩戴也是很适合的。


Green Phantom 

A Phantom is a crystal or mineral deposit within a crystal. While the color of Phantoms will vary from crystal to crystal, depending upon the type of mineral of which they are made, Phantoms look like the “ghost” of a crystal within another crystal.

It is a stone for "career" which will help you to get your dreamed job and employed easily. Wear Green Phantom Quartz bracelet will not only improve your career opportunities but also wealth luck. Besides, it is a protective stone for your heart.
Wearing Green Phantom Quartz will increase your productivity at works and to obtain better rewards in returns (e.g. higher salary increment, promotion and etc). 

Green Chlorite Phantom Crystals specifically work on self-healing and regeneration, encourage the development of self-empowerment and rationalization, assisting in repelling negative outer influences from marring your sensibilities.

It can recall old forgotten memories and assist in solving problems as well as stimulating wisdom and self-knowledge. These qualities are highly recommended for ambitious people, business people, politicians, managers and executives looking for smooth and rapid climb up the corporate ladder.

巴西绿幽灵 Green Phantom GP17

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